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Smoking RC Car Tires

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Ambitious but rubbish.That´s how you smoke rc car wheels ! Music by Saki Kaskas – Little Sweaty Sow — loved it eversince I drove hometown in nfs III Originally bought as a Camaro 190mm 1/10 Scale HPI Drifter Thing´s I´ve changed: Porsche GT3 RS 200 mm 1/10 Scale HPI Body X-Pattern Tyres, HPI WORK XSA 02C Rims HPI, 6mm at the front and 9mm offset at the back Speedstar Brushless 8.5 Robitronic Tamiya Colors to paint the Body selfmade Bumper cut out from a bit of styrofoam I like Top Gear, so I´ve tried to imitate Hammond´s 911 from season 10 episode 1 The Stadium Truck is a Kyosho EP Ultima ST. The only changes I made here were to ditch the 24T engine for a 17T and fitted an electronic speed control for the original mechanical one. …

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Smoking RC Car Tires

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